Are High-Protein Diets Safe for You?

are high-protein diets safe

Our bodies can’t function without protein as they help preserve our cells and allow for the creation of new ones. In recent years, high-protein diets have seen a rise in popularity. But are high-protein diets safe for your health? Let’s take a quick look at what some recent studies say.

The Pros and Cons of High-Protein Diets

High-protein diets remain a hot topic in the medical community. The general consensus is that they usually won’t harm people who are in perfect health. But the more health issues you have, the more complications these diets may cause.

A 2013 study discovered that high-protein diets could be dangerous for people with chronic kidney diseases. Other than that, are high-protein diets safe according to the authors of this study? Well, while they’re safe for some people, they may not be for some others. As such, it’s important to tailor them to each person’s individual needs.

Another study came to similar, albeit somewhat surprising findings. Studying a group of men over the age of 50, the authors found that high protein intake may increase their mortality by a staggering 74 percent. But at the same time, they also found that it can have some protective effects in adults. This only applies if their protein intake in younger age was moderate, though.

Who Are High-Protein Diets Safe For?

According to one study, high-protein diets are best suited for athletes. Because they engage in strenuous training, their muscles need to recover afterwards. Proteins play an essential part in this process. That’s because they contain amino acids that our bodies use to synthesize their own protein.

But not all proteins are the same. It is thus important to choose good sources of protein to add to your diet. These include soy protein, fish, some poultry, nuts, and low-fat dairy. Moreover, it’s important not to increase your protein intake at the expense of carbohydrates. Your body uses these as a source of fiber; without them, you risk developing headaches and constipation issues.

Final Word

Before you go on any diet, you need to talk to your doctor about its benefits as well as possible side effects. This is especially true if you’re suffering from any chronic illness. Despite the higher intake of proteins, you also need to make sure to consume other nutrients, too. Only a well-balanced diet will help you stay healthy.

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