Adding Sugar to Your Diet Could Spell Doom for Your Fitness Goals

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Sugar is almost a dirty word these days. News reports go back and forth about its benefits versus its risks. The same has also been done for carbohydrates, salt, and fats, but sugar seems to be the one thing that really sticks around in health headlines. As with most things, there are good sugars and bad sugars out there. This is important to recognize, as it’s the bad sugars that could annihilate your fitness goals before you even begin.

Isn’t Sugar in Everything?

‘Bad’ sugars could almost be referred to as ‘hidden’ sugars, because they are in so many things that we are unaware of. They’re in everything from the syrup in your morning coffee to the sauces on your evening meal. This is important to know because an overload of bad sugars in your system could result in a number of different health issues which could leave you feeling less than your optimal self.

Health Issues

The health issues include diabetes and heart disease, and both of them together spell a higher risk of death. Those are at the extreme of things though, but sugar can also cause problems like the bacteria in your gut going off balance. This is because bacteria thrive on sugar, and if the wrong kind of bacteria is given the chance to thrive, it can throw your whole system off. A flow down effect from this is fat storage, as the gut bacteria play a role in proper fat processing.


With all things considered, high amounts of bad sugar can wreak havoc on your body and leave you feeling tired, bloated, and even nauseous. These are not recipes for motivating yourself into fitness. Everything you put in your mouth can impact your fitness goals. So, give your goals the respect they deserve and research what you’re consuming or risk self-sabotage.

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