A Carbohydrate Redemption Story

can carbohydrates be good for you

Advice about eating healthy can sometimes be confusing and contradictory. So if you’ve looked into many different kinds of diets, you have probably noticed that some dieting experts advise cutting carbohydrates out of your life.

Should you really give up on carbs? Or can carbohydrates be good for you?

Medical science says that there are definitely some carbs that you should keep eating, whatever your dieting goal might be.

So here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. Carbs Aren’t Essential, But They’re Still Beneficial

First of all, does your body need carbs to live? No, it doesn’t. Unlike some other nutrients, carbs aren’t necessary for your body’s basic functions.

But can carbohydrates be good for you? They absolutely can. Regularly eating the right kind of carbohydrates will lower your risk of chronic disease.

2. Good Carbohydrates Are Rich in Fiber

Your body needs a high fiber intake to stay healthy. Even though we can’t digest fibers, they balance out our blood sugar levels. Under the age of 50, the right daily fiber dosage is 25mg for women and 38mg for men. Over fifty, the recommended dosage gets a little lower.

So which carbs should you eat to get enough fiber?

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Legumes (e.g. beans)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Tubers
  • Whole grains

3. It Takes Some Effort to Avoid Bad Carbs

Some carbohydrates are low in fiber. You should leave those out of your diet whenever possible. This includes refined grains – for example, white rice and white bread.

Sugars and added sugars are carbohydrates with no fiber value. Consuming sugar can help keep your glucose levels up. But you should take the time to find out which of your meals contain added sugars (caloric sweeteners) and then leave those out.


Low-fiber carbs give this food group a bad name. If you mostly keep to high-fiber carbohydrates like vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, your blood sugar levels will stay steady, and you’ll be fit and healthy. No-carb diets can work for some people in the short term, but your fiber levels will drop too much if you keep doing them for long.

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