5 Reasons Why Grapefruit Is Good for You

why grapefruit is good for you

Many diets recommend eating grapefruit. It is certainly delicious, but what makes it such a popular choice? Here is a list of reasons why grapefruit is good for you.

1. It contains flavonoids

Flavonoids are a kind of antioxidant, which means they preserve your brain from long-term damage. They decrease the risk of stroke as well.

2. It improves your blood pressure

As it contains potassium, lycopene, and choline, grapefruit keeps your veins healthy and balances your blood pressure. It also decreases the percentage of lipids in your blood. Maintaining a good blood pressure will keep you safe from a number of diseases, and it will help control your body weight, too.

3. It is rich in vitamin C

This improves your immunity and lowers your risk of getting cancer. Vitamin C is good for your skin, too. It helps your body to create enough collagen, and thus decreases the effects of aging.

4. It is good for digestion

The fibers found in grapefruit can help your body deal with constipation.

5. It will keep you hydrated

Whether you choose to eat it fresh or decide to try grapefruit juice or a fruit salad recipe, it will keep you safe from dehydration.

So it’s easy to see why grapefruit is good for you. But there are also some risks that come with overeating grapefruit. You should take those into account when you’re planning out your diet.

The Risks

Despite its anti-oxidant effects, studies show that eating grapefruit can increase your risk of skin cancer. If you know that you are at risk, it’s best to look for other sources of flavonoids and vitamin C.

Grapefruit is very acidic, which makes it a bad choice if you have heartburn. The high potassium level can be a problem for people with kidney issues.

If you are taking medication, be careful with eating grapefruit and consult with your doctor. Since it makes your body absorb medication at a higher rate than normal, grapefruit can be quite dangerous.


Grapefruit contains powerful antioxidants and a high level of potassium. It also improves your circulation and your digestion.

All this explains why grapefruit is good for you. But moderation is important, and you should avoid eating it if you take certain kinds of medication.


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