5 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Jaundice

foods to avoid with jaundice

Yellow is a lovely color for daisies and kitchens. Less lovely when your eyes, skin, and gums are signaling liver trouble. So with the added advice to drink lots of water, we’re going to list some foods to avoid with jaundice.

But First, a Little Info

It’s usually found in the very young, or in those with immune deficiencies. The culprit is called bilirubin, a pigment in red blood cells. New red blood cells are constantly being created, and old ones are broken down and eliminated. All the time.

But sometimes “broken parts” aren’t eliminated. Usually, the liver or its surrounding machinery is backed up, overstressed, or damaged. So bilirubin builds up in your blood and pigments you yellow.


  • Alcohol: This is #1 on everyone’s list of foods to avoid with jaundice. You need to avoid anything that stresses your liver. And when your system is burdened, you may have problems with foods that weren’t a problem before.
  • Fats and Oils: Careful with your fat intake. Saturated fats especially can stress your liver. Moderate amounts of fats like olive oil are fine, and leaner proteins are a better choice.
  • Sugar: Another food that puts a strain on your liver, it helps if you avoid added sugars. Sorry, that includes artificial sweeteners. But talk to your doctor about alternatives.
  • Salt: Yup, salt too. There are spices you can try, like garlic powder, etc. Just make sure it’s not garlic salt.
  • Processed Foods: Avoiding processed foods helps limit salt intake and other ingredients that may stress your liver.

See a Doctor

Anyone who suspects jaundice – see a doctor immediately. A doctor can pinpoint specific cause and treatment, ruling out anything serious. And the doctor can give you the full list of foods to avoid with jaundice. Jaundice is usually fairly easy to treat – if you’re a doctor.


See your doctor. Eat your leafy greens. Drink your water. And stay away from these foods to avoid with jaundice.