5 Diet Trends for Weight Loss


We have been wrongly taught that there are some perfect food plans for weight loss but conversely, there is no generically perfect weight loss plan. There is no one defined way or one diet for weight loss. It all depends on your lifestyle, taste, health needs, culture, intolerance, and allergies. You need to identify the diet that will match your preference and then customize the diet to suit your needs. Here are a few diets you might want to consider.


#1. High Protein, Low-Carb Diets

Most of the recognized weight loss regimes stress on low-carb diets. Swapping carbs with proteins in your meals can help you achieve your desired weight loss goals. However, it is recommended that you do not go too extreme with this. You may also consider your activity level and body weight when deciding on the amount of protein to include in your diet. When replacing carbs with protein, always ensure you go for food proteins. Protein supplements may not be necessary for your health.

#2. Paleo Diet

The cavemen type of diet can help you to lose weight. This type of diet excludes processed foods, refined sugar and dairy  and is mainly comprises fish, meats, fruit and fresh vegetables. The major problem with this type of diet is that it is not very practical. People may not be able to completely exclude bread, ice cream and some other spicy foods in their meals. Paleo Diet also excludes legumes, making it really difficult to stick to. Although this diet may help you to actually lose weight, you may be losing some essential nutrients with it.

#3. Mediterranean Diets

This is an ideal diet that comprises fruit, fish, vegetables, olive oil, and legumes has great health benefits. This type of diet not only helps in weight loss but its health benefits are enormous, including a reduction in the risk of heart diseases, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

#4. Probiotics

Gut health has become very important today, and probiotic is a type of diet that deals with it. They include fermented foods and yogurt. The connection between the gut and brain, the gut and weight and so forth has been greatly emphasized in a lot of research. Some research even suggests that a balance of healthy bacteria in the body can encourage weight loss and promote health.

#5. Clean Eating

“Clean Eating” has become popular today as a way of weight loss and health improvement. It includes a pure, light and unprocessed form of foods. Clean Eating excludes every form of processed food, sugar, artificial sweeteners, sauces, fried foods and so forth, but it encourages the inclusion whole grains, fruit, vegetables and protein. It holds organic foods in high esteem but excludes healthy fats. However, the major problem of Clean Eating is that you may miss out on some essential nutrients, especially healthy fats with it but this food plan can actually help you to lose weight.

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