4 Delicious One Pot Recipies


Whoever came up with the idea of one pot meals is a total genius. Taking just a few ingredients and throwing them in a pot to later have a full meal? That’s amazing. What’s more amazing is that you can customize them and make them suitable for your weight loss goals.

Here are four quick one pot recipes that will satisfy your taste buds.


#1. Famous One Pot Pasta by Martha Stewart

Ready in just 20-min, this one pot pasta recipe showcases the two all-star Italian ingredients tomatoes and basil. Light and flavorful, this simple dish is my go-to for those what’s-for-dinner nights.

#2. One Pot Taco Quinoa by Mind Over Munch  

I know what you are thinking. One pot taco quinoa? Is that even possible?

Oh yes, you can! Forget about the traditional tacos. Check out this video by Alyssia from Mind Over Munch.

#3. One Pan Singapore Noodles by Donal Skehan

Now, here is something unique. YT star Donal Skehan shows us how we can whip up a one pan Singapore noodles in a matter of minutes! God, I wish I could kidnap him and bring him into my kitchen.

#4. 3 Healthy One Pot Recipes by Tasty

Recipes by Tasty are often very decadent and heavy, but not these! Oven-baked salmon and chicken, and shrimp fajitas—who can say no to that? (You want to skip on the one pan baby back ribs recipe since this cut of meat is a bit fattier than others.)



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