3 Ways to Drink More Water and Lose More Weight

When you’re on a diet, it’s not just about the foods you can eat (or can’t eat) to achieve your weight loss goals and feel your healthiest, happiest and strongest.

Hydration is also key. According to research released in the Annals of Family Medicine medical journal, the more dehydrated you are, the higher your body mass index. “Hydration may deserve greater focus in weight management research and clinical strategies,” note the researchers in their study.

However, many men and women have a hard time staying hydrated. Use the following strategies to supercharge your hydration efforts and burn more fat and lose more weight.

1. Sip water before every meal

Many people confuse the sensation of hunger with the feeling of thirst and dehydration. Drink a glass of water before every meal or snack. This does two things. First, the habit triggers you to drink more. Meals and snacks become an easy reminder to stay hydrated.

Second, this can help reduce cravings linked to dehydration, helping you to manage your eating habits better and cut unnecessary calories due to unneeded meals and snacks.

2. Add flavor to your water

Look for sugar-free ways to make water more enticing. For example, adding a lemon wedge, a slice of cucumber or sprig of mint can flavor your water and make it taste more refreshing, drawing you in to drink more.

Plus, many fruits, herbs, and vegetables add antioxidants and nutrients that can further support a healthy metabolism.

3. Track your water intake

It’s easy to overestimate just how much you’re drinking. Use an app or an old-fashioned notepad with a pen and paper. Set a goal each day, such as “10 glasses today!” Then, note down every glass you drink.

Psychologists say that seeing your progress and getting closer to a goal can be incredibly motivating and help you to continue to strive towards your hydration benchmarks.

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