3 Great Reasons Why You Should Drink White Tea

health benefits of white tea

Talk to any health guru, and they’ll start spouting off the benefits of green or black tea. It’s those two that get all the attention. But it’s time to start considering white tea.

Being less processed than the other two, white tea retains so many of its essential antioxidants. The health benefits of white tea come from those antioxidant levels. Read on to learn about 3 great reasons why this needs to be your new favorite drink.

1. It Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Recent stats have shown that 1 in every 4 deaths in the US stem from heart disease. The disease itself comes from inflammation in the body. That’s where the health benefits of white tea come in to play.

White tea contains polyphenols, which can relax your blood vessels, boost immunity, and just about reduce overall inflammation. With that in mind, studies show that people who consume at least 3 cups of white tea a day reduce their risk of heart disease by 21%.

2. White Tea Helps You Lose Weight

Green tea gets raved about like there’s no tomorrow in the health world. If you really want to lose weight though, the health benefits of white tea might suit you more. Studies have shown that white tea can stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and prevent them from reforming.

It can also boost your metabolism, by as much as a 4 to 5%.

3. It Can Reduce the Signs of Aging

Without sounding too vain, we’d all like to reverse the signs of aging in some way. Our skin is a big giveaway, and as much as we try to look after it – it still takes a beating. The health benefits of white tea are varied, but its impact on our skin could be the best one. It’s said that by applying white tea extract to our skin, you can reduce the impact of UV rays.

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