3 Clever Foods Swaps You Can Do Today


Diet plays a huge role if you’re trying to lose that stubborn fat. However, jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon is easier said than done.

So why not start small and work out way up?

Here are 5 food swaps to get you on track toward your weight loss goals.

#1. Fast Food Done Right

If you have spam, frozen meals, leftover restaurants, and 3-weeks old cheese (jk!), it’s time for a total fridge makeover. Processed foods are filled with salt, sugar, fat, and god-knows-what. Feed your body with whole, natural foods. Cooking from scratch allows you to control exactly what is being put into your body and forces you to use clean foods.

Are you too lazy to cook? No fear.

Have fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivery straight at your door and ready in as little as 10 minutes. Check out Chef’d—a meal delivery system that includes famous recipes developed by national chefs. You can even find recipes from Food Network stars like Chris Santos, Melissa D’Aradian, and Robert Irvine.

#2. Say No to Low-Fat, Yes to Whole Foods

Okay, here’s the deal. Low-fat products are lower in fat compared to the regular or original version. However, it does not mean that they are also low in sugar or calories. As a matter of fact, products with reduced fat content could be brimming with belly-fat forming ingredients.

Rather than relying on health allegations, take a deep look at the Nutrition Facts table and make sure that all of the “bad” nutrients are on the low-end side. Obviously, your best bet is to opt for whole foods that are minimally processed.

A quick tip: aim for products with little high-calorie ingredients and less than 15% daily value (DV) for sugar, fat, cholesterol. If you absolutely can’t say no to cupcakes, just reduce the portion size.

#3. Love to Bake? Goodbye Butter.

Who says butter is a must for baking? Cut back on this high-calorie, saturated filled fat with vegetable oils, avocados, and fruit compote when you’re making cupcakes and other sugary treats. Trust me: you won’t even know the difference.


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